Training — Resilience is learnable

Do you master your emotions and feelings or are you being ruled by them? Curiously emotions and feelings have a natural tendency to affect our procedures. Hence we should be able to perceive them instead of being driven by them. Controlling emotions is very likely the most important of the seven resilience factors we can train like the muscles of our body, along with the control of impulse, another fundamental condition of resilience. And we are well advised to do so, because organizations (where people partner each other in achieving things they wouldn't otherwise be able to fulfill) can only be as resilient as the people who form them. 

Our training begins with taking heed of our emotions and feelings instead of mistrusting them or even fending them off. Knowing yourself better also facilitates assessing and respecting other peoples feelings and motives — you become more empathetic. With a little exercise you will soon embrace the true degree of your own creative power, non-corporately and within your work environment. You'll find your way around much easier, you'll be able to set limits and at the same time apply yourself genuinely. Enhanced selfLeadership enables you to steer yourself and guide your staff naturally. Thus you become a true change agent co-creating a resilient environment. 


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”The word, organization, is a noun and it is also a myth.“ (K.E. Weick)