„Getting the picture!“ 

New perspectives in personal coaching through client drawings

Stress, depression, burnout, fear of losing one's livelihood — these are the emotional challenges of our times. Get the picture! Take heArt and get an overview of your problems by painting them. Everybody can draw, read their own sign language and attribute new meaning to it. In your own drawings you can find the answers you have been searching for.


Spontaneous drawings can provide insight into topics of personal importance, uncover resources, potential, and illuminate conflicts and psychological blocks. They can be used to determine the most suitable plan of action. Drawings are always to the point. They enable us to work in an eco-psycho-logical fashion. Considering that coaching should be used frugally — as little as possible and only as much as needed — drawings are the method of choice. More info


With improved perception and better self-regulation you strengthen your ability to deal with problems and conflict. You become more skillful and affable. Sharing „heArtwork“ with colleagues and fellow men involves getting to know and coming to appreciate each other. At the same time you can see where your values and company values are in line and discover possible sources of conflict. More info


“Actions speak louder than words.“ By seeking individual coaching for yourself or your staff, looking for conflict resolution or supervision or tackling crucial topics in groups, you can start a new life in accordance with yourself and the people around you today. You can read about the method of coaching through client drawings in the book:   "Wie Zeichnen im Coaching neue Perspektiven eröffnet" (The book hasn't been translated into English as yet. Publishers interested in translating it should request the foreign rights catalogue from BELTZ Verlag)